I Am Freedom

I am Freedom, hear me ring

From the beginning of time, I have knocked on your door

Held back by kings, dictators, rulers, and more

I am always around, waiting in the wing

And for those who know me, even death has no sting

I inspire hearts and spring innovation

Bring laughter, joy, and wealth to your nation

But sorrow and sadness may also be wrought

Without morals or ethics, I’ll leave you fraught 

Truth be told, to live with me

Requires individual responsibility

Better are thee to take no offense

For my flow of ideas can be quite dense

Have a conversation with me present, and you will find

So many problems can be solved when you are not willfully blind

Every mind, every soul, every spirit, and heart

I have lingered within from the very start

An important point that I now must stress

A desire for me you cannot suppress

Beware of those titans who want me gone

For I threaten their power from dusk until dawn

I am trampled in the name of “the greater good”

And replaced with complacence where passion once stood

They threaten to cancel and silence your voice

Unable to reason, they have not a choice

Though rulers promise safety, it requires their control

And this by definition lacks me, in part or in whole

Don’t take me for granted, for when I am gone

You will long for me more than ever before

And to them you will become an expendable pawn

I am Freedom, hear me roar

Let me back in or I will tear down your door

History has proven I cannot be tamed

You may pin me down, but only frustration will be gained

Lies will be told to make me look bad

But truth will reveal their logic is sad

Steal me away although they may try

But those who love me will never die

If ever to fight one had a reason

The greatest is me, and this is the season

By Casey J Hinson



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